Tamper-Proof Key Rings

Tamper Proof Key Rings

Tamper Proof Key RingsTamper Proof Key RingsĀ from Locking Systems International provides secure key control by providing a permanent “Seal” once the ring is closed. Once sealed the only way to re-open is to cut the ring. Each key ring has it’s own unique serial number.

  • Not re-sealable if opened, replaces welded rings
  • Serialized to identify rings
  • Come in 1,1-5/8,2,3,4 inch sizes — flexible rings are also available
  • Crimp is the same size as the ring providing smooth key movement

Tamper Proof Unique ID'sUnique ID

No two key rings are alike and are uniquely identified by a permanent serial number. Each ring is engraved before distribution to allow for detection in the event it is tampered with or replaced.

Smooth Seal

Tamper Proof Smooth SealsOur crimping tool closes both solid and flexible rings with a smooth seal. This allows for a 360 degree use of each ring without the hindrance of a raised seal.

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