Cobra 7 Locks

Cobra 7 Cam Locks

All of our Cobra 7¬†locks have our unique 7-sided front and matching key, this will increase security and key control over standard tubular locks. All of our cam locks have our “anti-drill” dimple that will resist drilling attempts.

  • Comes in four sizes: 11mm(3/8″), 16mm(5/8″), 22mm(7/8″), 29mm(1-1/8″)
  • Unique key codes available
  • Anti drilling ball on the lock front
  • Patented Protection

Cobra 7 Vending Locks

The Cobra7 Vending Locks is a higher security replacement cylinder for the traditional tubular locks. By using our patented 7- sided design we can increase the security of the traditional locks. We add an anti-drill dimple to provide drill protection. Also available in our standard keyway.

  • 7- sided lock front and key for added security
  • Anti-Drill dimple on the lock front for drill protection
  • Spring bolt locking system
  • Patented Protection

Cobra 7 Padlocks

The Cobra STEEL”Universal PUCK” Padlock¬†was designed to accept the Cobra 7, Cobra C3 High Security, Medeco and Abloy vending lock cylinders. The padlock body is constructed of solid hardened steel and has no visible shackle to cut,drill or attack. The lock cylinder ischangeable by the end user. This means that as the user changes the lock cylinder the security changes also. The Universal PUCK Padlock has been awarded a U.S. Patent and when combined with a patented lock cylinder it increases the security and key control over standard PUCK padlocks.

  • Solid steel plated lock body
  • Accepts Cobra, Cobra SideWinder High Security, Medeco and Abloy lock cylinders
  • Patented design awarded U.S. Patent
  • Possibility of using 10 different lock cylinders