Bailey and Potter, CPA

Protecting Your Vending Equipment for over 30 Years

TufGuard Stacker Cover

Our TufGuard Stacker Cover was designed to protect vending machines from "Pry and Snatch" attacks. Pry and Snatch attacks occur when the side of the vending machine is pried back and opened to expose the Bill Acceptor and Bill Stacker where the dollar bills are stored, the bills are then "Snatched" out of the Bill Stacker. The Bill Stacker is usually made of plastic.

The TufGuard Stacker Cover fits over the Bill Acceptor Stacker providing steel protection of the stacker and the bills.


TufGuard Stacker Cover

Constructed of Solid Steel

Powder Coated for Durability

Protects the Bill Acceptor Stacker

Prevents "Pry and Snatch" attacks

No Installation - just slip over the stacker